Friday, March 17, 2017

My Lucky Charms

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2017!!

Love, My Lucky Charms


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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Tribe


Love this little tribe of mine!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mermaid 7th Birthday Party

Madison was pretty adamant about having a birthday party this year. I was hoping for a few girls to spend the night and call it a day, but no we had to do a “Mermaid Party”.  That being said—we kept it pretty low key and small!! We invited a few friends from school and a few of her other friends over to swim, paint treasure chest, and have cake. I was able to make most of the stuff with my silhouette and used Etsy for the bracelets and 7 sign. I also made the tables cloth from 3 of the plastic ones and just cut them!! Madison had a blast and we thank everyone for coming to celebrate!





Saturday, February 25, 2017

HAPPY 7th Birthday!!

I think I need to take a minute to grasp the fact that my baby is now 7!! I can’t believe it. She is such a happy, sweet, loving, smart, funny, and talented girl! I am always amazed at what hurtles she has overcome with no complaining or sadness. She continues to open our eyes to what an amazing life she will have and how nothing will ever stop her from doing what she wants too. She is on the Stiles Point Tennis team and loving it!! She has so many friends that love her for who she is!! She is excelling at school and doing it with pride and determination. They aren’t any hurdles to big for her to overcome and this makes me so happy. We can’t wait to watch her shatter more barriers that come her way and see how she makes her light shine through!! She has such a sweet soul and loves life to the fullest! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!! WE LOVE YOU!!!





Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Morgan’s First Haircut

Morgan is almost 2 and just now having her first haircut. Madison and Miles both had haircuts way before this, but with her hair being curly and thin—she didn’t need one. I am still getting used to the curly hair thing. I am so used to the stick straight hair that the other 2 have! I wasn’t sure if we were going to loose the curls after the cut, but I am happy to report they are still there!! I am thinking they are here to stay!! She did amazing for the haircut. She sat there the entire time and even sat still!! Not many people could even tell she got a cut, but believe me she did—the mullet she had is now gone!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love—My Little Love Bugs


Monday, February 13, 2017

Mountain Weekend 2017

MAN O MAN-- what an awesome weekend!! Us and 6 other families rented a HUGE AMAZING house in Sapphire Valley, NC for a long weekend. Let's just talk about this house for a minute-- it had 5 master bedrooms-- 2 bunk room with 6 beds each in them-- a movie theater room-- a HUGE great room and so much more. It was perfect for all of us--that is 14 adults and 16 kids!! The weather was perfect! We were close to the ski slopes and tubing, which the kids loved!! We spent most of our time hanging around the house-- eating, playing games, and chilling. It was so fun!!! The kids had a blast staying up late and playing 24/7!! Spending this quality time with our friends is good for the soul!! I don't think we have laughed this much in a long time!! We can't wait for the next trip!!